Thesis revisionniste

DHS Source Warns: “World War About to Break Out… Will Kill Millions of People” (MUST READ)

But he has notified the publisher that he is retracting his piece; so there. And of course, Jews will continue to support it because it is so fashionable. It is that which he wanted to confirm for us in a letter dated 3 Aprila copy of which was to be received by the LICRA.

Hefte von Auschwitz, 4,p. And in that precise moment, the SS would proceed to "gas" the crowd by means of a procedure which we shall describe in detail further on.

Wellers is mistaken on this last point. Condition of the building. During the conflict that, from topitted them against the Germans, the European Jews thus had occasion to suffer but infinitely less so than they presume to assert with such a nerve.

A pile of dead bodies or an open mass grave, for example, can be presented as evidence for the gas chamber murders, but what is there to prove that the pictures do not in fact show the German victims of Allied air-raids, or the victims of starvation or epidemics in German or Allied camps, soldiers killed in action, victims of pogroms, or even persons killed by the Soviet secret service.

On the other hand, this arrangement of the building would be perfectly logical if the German wished to utilize it as a mortuary, as indicated in the plans. An Absurd Extermination Process Now let us compare the alleged extermination, just as the official thesis claims it was carried out in crematoriums II and III, with the physical configuration, capacity, and dimensions of these installations see Figure Half an hour after introduction of the Zyklon, the concentration of gas in the chamber would be very irregular see Figure 15 - This fact is difficult to reconcile, for example, with the "three minutes" that Wetzler indicates as the duration of the "gassing.

Next the victims are brought together into the gas chamber c. It was not untilas a result of the telecast of the Holocaust series, that two specialists of the CIA, D.

Brugioni and Poirier are "seeing" the extermination process on a day when, according to the official sources themselves, there was no such extermination.

Access to the deck and the areas not subjected to fumigation may be permitted only after the chemical test has proven that the gas did not penetrate into the unfumigated parts of the ship. However, there is an incongruity in this report which leads us to consider it with the greatest reserve.

The following report from the Northeast Intelligence Network is frightening, because it involves you, your family, and and everything you hold dear. He neither specified the date nor reproduced the wording thereof.

The Central Taboo of Our Time But does this discussion, conducted in a spirit of partnership, also include the Holocaust. Dokumentation Viennap. But there is something yet more serious: And one that continues to fool millions of good souls in the crudest ways: InI learned that I was officially considered to be an academic without a single publication to his name, not even a certain book on Rimbaud which might have got him talked about in the s.

It was later definitively established that Mengele had died in in Brazil, where he had been living for years in anonymous poverty. Its purpose is not to astonish. The report of the test engineer of the Topf company, manufacturer of the crematory furnaces, dated 29 Januaryestablishes: For her part, S.

However, that is of no importance inasmuch as the gasification [or "gassing"] cellar Vergasungskeller can be used for this purpose. Now, with revelations that the Obama administration has been snooping on journalists, as well as millions of Americansthe same DHS source has revealed that his department has been actively preparing plans to deal with the coming calamity that can be described as nothing short of the ultimate global doomsday scenario.

Under those conditions the gas would have been unnecessary. In other words, the situation hinges on the proof. Albert Gauthier de Clagny was born on 14 September in Versailles, Seine-et-Oise.

He joined the cavalry for his military service. He then spent some years among workers in the north, the Pyrenees and in Italy, where he worked in quarries of hard marble.

(thesis), Paris: F. Pichon et A. Cotillon.

Robert Faurisson

Revisionist definition, an advocate of revision, especially of some political or religious doctrine. See more. is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her. Read also: How Smart is Noam Chomsky?.

Read also: Paul Bogdanor, The Top Chomsky Lies Read also: The Myth of Language Universals, by Nicholas Evans and Stephen Levinson (a thorough debunking of Chomskyan linguistics) Click here to go to home page of Werner Cohn. Send an e-mail to Werner Cohn This e-mail link may not work for you if you use a web-based e-mail service.

China’s Revisionist Orientation. willing to accede it,” then the antithesis of China’s new type of great power relations is facing an uncompromising thesis.

Often. Dec 11,  · An academic, Robert Faurisson was never to cease using this scientific surety, a presumed pledge of respectability. He read Maurice Bardèche. He .

Thesis revisionniste
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An Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism - 3