Cyber addiction thesis

In Iran, there are few and limited studies on the effects of addiction to computer games on players. Also it remains unclear to this day whether the underlying mechanisms responsible for the addictive behavior are the same in different types of IAD e.

Internet addiction symptom scores significantly decreased, but the program failed to increase psychological well-being significantly. However interference with these activities can result in conflict and guilt. But due to the limitations of the study further research is necessary.

It causes many physical problems. And another enticing aspect of the Internet is the opportunity to interact with other people. Moreover, sport and violent games were more attractive for boys.

A positive correlation between the severity of SPD symptoms and the usage of chat rooms, multiple role play internet gaming, and other internet-based communication utilities was clearly noticed compared to the two control subjects. This can affect social development between family members and friends.

CAD had been linked to Internet addiction. Data were collected using General Health Questionnaire GHQ scale and a questionnaire on addiction to computer games. Moreover, they would become more friendly with it and spend most of their time dealing with it until they fell in a big problem which is called an internet addiction.

These students were divided into two groups of students In this group treatment, the quality of life increased and the level of depressive symptoms decreased after 16 weekly treatment sessions, but the level of problematic Internet use failed to decrease significantly [ 69 ].

This clearly shows that internet addiction is not a thing to just laugh about or pass away as a ridiculous joke. Social network addiction is a dependence of people by connection, updating and control of their and their friends social network page.

Computer Addiction

From each district, one boy and one girl guidance school was chosen randomly. One other category is emotional health effects. A few authors mentioned that physical exercise could compensate the decrease of the dopamine level due to decreased online usage [ 52 ].

A growing Crisis While Internet addiction is common among a subset of Internet users worldwide, the problem is more pronounced in developing economies in Asia.

Abstract Problematic computer use is a growing social issue which is being debated worldwide. Online gaming addiction Internet gaming disorder [ edit ] Main article: The Effects Of Internet Addiction Computers and technology have changed the way we live our daily lives.

However, with all of the positive effects technology has, there are also the negatives. This is especially true with the internet. The internet is an example of modern technology that provides a tremendous amount of benefits, but also negative side effects.

One major side effect of the internet is addiction. Internet addiction results in personal, family, academic, financial, and occupational problems that are characteristic of other addictions.

Computer Addiction

Impairments of real life relationships are disrupted as a result of excessive use of the Internet. Addiction is a multifaceted behavior that is as complex as the human being in which it is displayed.

There is no one definition that encompasses all aspects of addiction. It is clear that addiction is a mesh of many forces in life converging on an individual to drive that person towards a behavior that can be easily identified no matter what.

Besides such omnipresent forms as addiction to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or gambling, today experts also have distinguished addictions to the Internet, mobile technologies, computer games, work, sex, television, caffeine, and many subjects.

Aug 26,  · Effect of Addiction to Computer Games on Physical and Mental Health of Female and Male Students of Guidance School in City of Isfahan. The Internet is a social technology, but the effect it has on face to face relationships can potentially be very detrimental.

Like any activity, the Internet takes up a person's time; the amount of time varies depending on the person's level of addiction.

Cyber addiction thesis
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